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And when you dance, you get a certain…you listen to the music in a different way, whether it's hip-hop or ska, or whatever you like to dance to -- there are certain types of songs that just have a quality to them that make you want to dance.

Or you see that the crowd reacts a certain way and that's not necessarily what you want to listen to at home. He had a small horn section, and a bass, and you know it was lead by Butera on Sax and Louie on the trumpet and they would just rip through these songs and the tempo was crazy.

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Song: Frank Sinatra’s "It Happened in Monterey" Anne Litt: Jon, how did the music for Swingers come together?

Jon Favreau: As I was hanging out in clubs at night and writing, I said ‘what a great backdrop.’ And I went to, well there was, of course, The Dresden with Marty and Elaine we put in the movie and there was The Derby.

You know again, I was nostalgic for this music even though I, you know, I was nostalgic for a time that I wasn't alive during. It was almost like what The Ramones were to punk rock, you know?

They would just rip through song after song with such energy and he would dance around.

The movie Swingers gave a hilarious glimpse into LA’s dating scene, but it also started a music craze.

Jon Favreau, who wrote the film, is as passionate about swing music now as he was then.

But Royal Crown and Sinatra did inspire the writing of it, so I thought it would be fun to include for those of you who were around 15 years ago in LA and were a big part of the scene. This one is a song they used to play back at The Derby, I think it's called "Spanky's in the Kitchen." They never would announce it, I know the sound of it, but I don't know all the names.

This is a studio recoding of it: Song: Royal Crown Revue’s "Spanky's in the Kitchen Anne Litt: I'm Anne Litt here with Jon Favreau as part of KCW's Guest DJ Project.

You know, Jon, you have five picks of music to bring in, and I notice that two of those picks were the music of Django Reinhardt. Jon Favreau: I don't know how I was introduced to Django but, to me, it crystallized everything I loved about all the music I've listed.

And it's a little obscure, it was pre-war, he was a gypsy guitar player.

It's not like now, where everybody is recording tracks.

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