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Since I’m assuming we all want to obey God, hear Him, and say what He says, then that makes all of us a target. Its ability to hurt you is completely dependent on being hidden in the murky water.Once you know what to watch out for, and how to compare everything you see to God’s Word, Holy Spirit will help you discern between the holy and the profane. (I got this illustration from a beloved spiritual mother of mine … However, if you drag that shark up onto the parking lot, not only can you see him–so you know he’s there–but you also render him completely helpless. Light always reveals, always exposes, and always brings truth.

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I’ve been seeing many excellent prophetic voices (such as Jennifer Eivaz, Ryan Le Strange, etc) releasing teaching tidbits on their social media regarding the Jezebel spirit recently.

I am grateful to see people beginning to talk about this subject more.

The Holy Spirit of God desires to speak God’s Word (prophecy) over people and nations, calling them into freedom in Christ. From the examples above, you can see that anyone could be impacted by this spirit.

However, the evil principality we call the “Jezebel spirit” desires to forth-tell the lies of the enemy over people and nations, bringing them into bondage to the enemy. The only way to stay safe from its evil influence is to stay hidden in Christ, and to continually check ourselves to make sure our actions, motives, inspirations, and sources line up with the Word of God and are totally dependent upon Holy Spirit.

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So he sends his unholy spirits to try and quell what God is doing.

Therefore, if you are seeking after Jesus, and particularly if you have ANYTHING to do with the prophetic–even if you prophesy at an individual level, where you simply hear God and encourage others, even if you don’t have a “churchwide prophetic ministry”–you are a target.

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