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Circumcision or Hatafat Dam (drawing a drop of blood) is not required. At the conclusion of your study you will immerse yourself in a local Mikvah and them meet online with a Bet Din which is three Rabbis.

You will then be welcomed as a member of K’lal Yisrael (the Community of Israel) and you will be mailed a certificate of conversion. Sim Shalom, our Online synagogue is Jewish Universalist ( As envisioned by Rabbi Blane Jewish Universalism is a non-judgmental, completely Interfaith supportive Movement.

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Our Conversion program is comprised of eight courses, which you access on line.

There is no time restriction on completing your study- it can take just a few short months.

Sim Shalom’s Jewish Conversion course of study is traditional in it’s process- study, Mikvah and Bet Din- but liberal in that we do not require men to undergo a circumcision or Hatfat Ha Dam Brit (exacting a drop of blood).

It is most important that you are comfortable within your Jewish Community.

We know it can tough at times - finding a partner who shares your interests and passions as well as your beliefs and values is a pretty tall order.

Enter Elite Singles: we're here to help pair you with professional Jewish singles looking for true love and a deeper connection...

We are certain that G-d is pleased to welcome anyone to the Jewish faith regardless of their level of observance or denominational affiliation.

And please understand, if in the future you life’s journey leads you to a more traditional path of observance- additional study leading to a more traditional conversion would only be a blessing!

Finding love has been made vastly easier in the past decade with the advent of online dating.

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