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As I sit in the dark waiting for Jessica Biel at the small Mexican eatery, dipping warm, oven-crisp nachos into "Ray's Hot House Salsa", I begin to wonder if this encounter is going to turn into a skewed game of strike the celebrity piñata - but with secrets rather than sweets to spill. Shall I call Meredith [her publicist] and go somewhere else?It's a shame because today, outside, is one of those glorious, hazy late-summer LA afternoons, the kind that can make a Creedence Clearwater Revival record sound contemporary. I can hardly see you..." All these questions go unanswered, of course.

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Ben Barnes has been doing charity work in the Make-A-Wish Foundation that supports seriously ill children all over the world.

The actor does things in a big way and participates in top-grossing movies every year.

The actor personified Billy Russo, the friend of Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) who fought against criminals in New York.

archive: From teen TV sweetheart to hot Hollywood leading lady, via centrefold scandal, sexy football and snowboarding, Jonathan Heaf shares 'Vega Margaritas' with Jessica Biel 2009's most unstoppable actress.

In the fantastic western Westworld, Benjamin played an antihero, Logan, who frequents the theme park Westworld.

According to Forbes, Business Insider, Vanity Fair, and Toronto Sun, the project was included in the top series in 2016.

Twenty minutes alone in the blackness of Casa Vega, however, and any danger that my blind date with Jessica Biel is going to turn out to be just that subsides, as the restaurant's surroundings slowly begin to burn out of the gloom and into view: there are blood-red leather booths to cosy up on (hey, a man can dream, right? She's not late; rather I was early - eager to get a good, quiet spot, which, at 4.30pm on a Thursday, wasn't too tricky. All I can do is smile a creepy little smile and sit while my inner etiquette switch flips instinctively to "full gawp".

), plastic flowers bunched up among blinking fairy lights, bottles and bottles of tequila above the bar glowing like phosphorous Damien Hirst cast-offs, and waiters in their white pressed aprons and clip-on ties who stoop through the half light like shy apparitions. The 26-year-old actress slides up next to me on our table's L-shaped leather sofa.

Later, the artist sang solo; people can hear his voice in several soundtracks.

The beginning actor debuted in the medical drama Doctors, the TV series Split Decision, and the fairy tale movie Stardust where Ben had the chance to collaborate with the international celebrities: Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro.

We take up our large laminated menus; Jessica informs me she's already been to this diner a handful of times.

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