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Isabel angered her other half greatly when she had an affair with their co-star Danny Miller who plays Aaron Dingle on the soap, causing them to split up.

Amazing, all three of these actors still work together, and that must take some serious professionalism!

In May, he confirmed his position as this year's host, telling fans on Twitter: "Very excited to be hosting the The Great British Bake Off, Channel 4 Strictly Come Dancing, BBC1 Call The Midwife, BBC1 Casualty, BBC1 Doctor Who, BBC1 The Durrells, ITV The Bay, ITV Bodyguard, BBC1 Killing Eve, BBC1 Sex Education, Netflix Celebrity Juice, ITV2 Gogglebox, Channel 4 The Graham Norton Show, BBC1 Most Haunted, Really Antiques Roadshow, BBC1 DIY SOS, BBC1 Long Lost Family, ITV The Undateables, Channel 4 First Dates/First Dates Hotel Channel 4 I'm A Celebrity…

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If no one picks it up, it could get worse and worse until one day, it simply rears its ugly head out of nowhere and your husband starts acting strangely. I did it to show the nature of the help you have to offer to your man. It’s good to fix the problem early and be a bit forceful to show that you care about him. Depression As much as we men embrace our roles and providers and protectors of the family, it’s a double-edged sword.

I’m talking about psychological issues, such as depression, but also regular everyday things like stress. Getting Involved Did you notice how I used the word “meddling” in the title of this article? You have to realize that sometimes a bit of bravery on your part is required if you want to help your man out. The amount of pain or stress we feel is almost like a badge that we wear with pride, battle scars if you like to prove that we’ve put in the hard yards for our family.

With the actors working so closely with each other and spending long days learning lines and running scenes over and over again, it’s only natural that they’d fall in love with each other.

Check out the Emmerdale stars you never knew were dating each other off-screen!

Marriage problems that relate from women who are unaware of stress and depression problems that slowly aggregate are common.

They just don’t seem that serious until they get bad.

I’m going to talk more about how getting involved in your man’s issues will make your marriage stronger. This doesn’t mean that the damage isn’t long lasting. Stress occurs in everyday life and in some instances is even favourable if it means that you get more stuff done.

On the surface, it might seem like we’re OK, but if you get the feeling that something is not quite right about us, it’s important that as the wife, you step in and help us out. However, it starts becoming an issue if it directly impacts physical, mental and emotional health.

IT’S almost that time of the year again to celebrate the stars of the small screen at the upcoming TV Choice Awards 2019.

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