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It is not always a school setting, but there is always some arbitrary time limit involved.The games usually also involve many different possible endings making the games re-playable.Even though the settings often differed, the formula did not.

It was an all ages program from the beginning, and its gaming style influence many titles to come.

It and numerous sequels, have been released onto many consoles and even on cell phones. This convention has largely remained throughout the visual novel genre, which is probably why the genre has never caught on outside Japan.

Sim Girl – A flash game that pretty much includes all the stereotypical Japanese dating scenarios, including the H ending. Dating Sims at New Grounds – A big collection of flash H-dating sims, most are probably crap.

True Love 95 – The ms-dos game in english, in all of its 256 color glory, downloadable for free. Wonderland Days – A PG rated Otome dating sim for girls.

There are free programs out there that automate the whole process for people interested in making your own.

The Dating Sim Formula in Other Game Genres As games have gotten more complex over the years, the Dating Sim seems to have gotten demoted from genre to story element.

Games with sex and nudity existed before, but it was just straight porn or “strip poker” type games.

Dokyusei actually had plot and a gaming objective before the sex and nudity came into play.

One cannot play these Japanese Dating Sims without being reminded of that included simulated dates where you had a certain amount of time to impress your date or lose a bunch of friendship points.

But the most complete inclusion of the Dating Sim element into a larger game I have seen is , where an optional sub plot of the game involves getting friendly, or better yet romantically involved, with your party NPCs.

The games start out letting you pick what kind of character you are RPG style where you distribute points between, looks, charm and intelligence.

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