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We hoped, we prayed, and we crossed all dangling appendages, but, at the time, the future was uncertain for one of the summer's cutest showmances.However, after trolling the pair's social media, we are pleased to report that Jatalie appears to be alive with the glory of love!

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James and chelsia still dating

He wound up enmeshed in a drug trafficking scheme with that season’s winner, Adam, and now he’s serving three years in a Federal prison, which I imagine is a tad more difficult than a summer on a CBS backlot.

Anyway, the fallen reality star is now blogging about his experiences, and it’s a pretty interesting read.

Tonight's episode will welcome new arrivals Iain Lee and Kezia Dugdale into camp.

#10 as part of the Top 10 Showmances List"Crazy" James Zinkland and Chelsia Hart were contestants on Big Brother 9.

Ryan sided with the opposite alliance, and Crazy James was evicted.

Due to a twist, Crazy James was brought back into the game, a brilliant move for his alliance, a dumb move on the part of the opposite alliance members that brought him back.

After the duo's twist ended, there seemed to be a major battle between Crazy James and Chelsia's alliance and the other alliance; Matt, Natalie, Sheila, and Adam.

This struggle put Ryan Quicksall in the middle, whom had won the first individual Ho H.

James has continued to show his support for Toff on his Instagram, even posting an image of him watching his lover during the show's opening on Sunday.

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