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Dante is not amused and hires a grim bouncer, Heffer, without even telling the two managers; when the bouncer out-steps all bounds, bouncing him proves painful even two to one.

Audrey finds out abruptly her roommate's idea of casual morning dress and sleepwear is just his own skin.

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Monica attacks Erin and legacies of things she wants him a Lakers game where they died, we can do is what a Lakers game show fraternal twins Jack invites Jill variety.

A karaoke salesman uses a sob-story to get one installed in the @-bar one week on free trial; Jill gets hooked and takes it home, to make up for his broken high school days band-dream.

The new network official Kristen Moss announces big changes as they get bad ratings; Jack tries out as newsreader, and is angry to hear Elise does too on Peter's advice.

Jack is determined to make up with Elisa by becoming friends with Peter, while his superior knowledge and experience on everything drive...

Roommates Russell and Audrey are equally surprised to wake up together after a memorably hot night, but next morning she says that's not to be repeated often, then insists on a domestic chores schedule.

The friends are invited to the wedding of Jill's ex Becky Hart; Mikey looks forward to lots of dating opportunities; asking Jack as his date perhaps wasn't Jill's best move, as she considers it their first meeting anniversary, which he discards because she ran out on him. Audrey didn't even want Barto to pick her up at the airport, nor picks up when he's on the phone, yet ends up showing up and dancing with him in tender embrace, the he kisses hotly but she hasn't decided yet what she now wants. Jack tells the girls Jill announced he will propose to her and already asks Audrey as maid of honor and Elisa as bridesmaid.

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