Isotope dating rocks

It has been shown many times that it is easy to lose Argon during metamorphism or subsequent disturbances and occasionally there is excess Argon that gives spuriously older ages for rocks.

Rb-Sr is another method that is difficult to interpret when there is evidence of thermal events.

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Andrew Snelling’s article in the June 2005 issue is irresponsible in that it uses technical jargon that an untrained lay-person would believe to be truth when he (as a Ph.

D in Geology) should understand the fact that different radioisotope systems behave differently during different geologic processes.

C) can be applied to many geological materials, including sediments and sedimentary rocks, but the materials in question must be younger than 60 ka.

Fragments of wood incorporated into young sediments are good candidates for carbon dating, and this technique has been used widely in studies involving late Pleistocene glaciers and glacial sediments.

The worst system to use is K-Ar in a rock that has been metamorphosed.

Ar is a noble gas that resides weakly in the crystal latice of minerals.

The red-blue bars represent 40K and the green-yellow bars represent 40Ar.

[SE] In order to use the K-Ar dating technique, we need to have an igneous or metamorphic rock that includes a potassium-bearing mineral.

Radioactive isotopes are used to identify abnormal bodily processes.

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