Is verlander dating upton

He was able to set the new career high as he pitched a no-hitter at Comerica Park against the Milwaukee Brewers for the first time.

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"So I'm excited to finally be able to share it with the world!

"The couple dated for three years before Verlander put a ring on it, so let's look back at their adorable romance.

Likewise, new dad Verlander also posted a black and white photo of his baby girl holding hands with Houston Astros player.

The American beauty may be famous for iconic modelling campaigns and beauty, but it’s her parenting skills that are in the highlights today.

The new mother of a two months old has spiced her Instagram up a little and is inviting some haters onto her profile with a controversial Instagram post.

In the picture, Kate is in the window seat of a jetliner cuddling her newborn close to her chest.

All of this information greatly assists in explaining Verlander’s unfocused, lackadaisical approach in the All-Star game where the normally sharp pitcher allowed four hits, five runs and walked two in one inning of work. (You now have permission to motorboat your monitor.) Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Upton and Verlander recently hung out with model Lizzy Glynn and Verlander’s pal, Frank Viola Jr (!

) who took off his pants so Glynn could ride a mechanical bull.

Only one month later were Upton and Verlanded spotted together taking in a Flyers game. Over the course of the next few months they'd be spotted out and about together.

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