Is tori vega dating beck in real life

' We've been together for a while and I want to be kind to her when I tell her it's over between us." I've got to tell Jade it's over and I have to tell Tori how I feel.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow.(Tori's POV)When I locked eyes with Beck, it was obvious we belonged together and he looked at me in a more romantic way than he looks at Jade. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.(No one's POV)The next day at school Beck was waiting for Jade on the one day she didn't ride with him.

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Every time he touched Jade, I would long for him to touch me like that, while it felt like a huge hole had been punched thru my chest. He was also subconsciously waiting for Tori, so he could tell her how he felt.

I tried to act like everything was normal, but I had to tell someone. When Jade walked in Beck knew it was time.(Beck's POV)As I walked up to Jade I saw Tori come in with a tear-streaked face.

The characters included will be Tori, Andre, Robbie, Rex, Cat, Jade, Trina, and Beck.

Victorious: A Tori and Beck Story(Beck's POV)"'Cause I'm falling falling finally falling falling." At that moment with Tori singing those lines, when our eyes met, I knew I loved her.If you are a fan of the show, its characters, and its crazy plotlines,...Hannah Montana, Victorious, i Carly, Sonny with a Chance..." She said "What about Jade" All I told the love of my life was "It's over" Tori then made me the happiest man in the world by simply saying "Yes." Then when we looked into each other's eyes I tried to put as much passion and love in my gaze as I could.(Tori's POV)When Beck asked me to be his girlfriend I thought things were over between him and Jade. When I looked into his eyes after saying "Yes" all I saw was passionate love. Then the bell rang.(Beck's POV)When the bell rang, I was disappointed.I'll have to talk to the guidance counselor about moving me to all of Tori's classes. What if Jade decides to hurt Tori during one of the classes I'm not in with her?She had asked me who it was and when I said "Tori" she almost punched me.

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