Is jon lajoie dating someone

The comedian, who is already 35 years of age, has claimed that he has not yet found someone who he deems worthy of being his wife.

He has also hinted that his failure to find his future wife has made me skeptical about the whole concept of marriage.

There is a whole ocean out there, so why should he fix himself to one fish an aquarium. “He has not yet found somebody who has made him want to settle down, have kids and give away the freedom that he currently has as a single guy”, he added.

He graduated from Dawson College's professional theatre program in 2002.

Lajoie began his career as a comedy musician in 2006.

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It's your birthday today (Woohoo) What does that mean I guess I'll try to explain That many years ago on this day It was the first time your parents saw your beautiful face (Oh, such a cute little baby) And nine months before that magical day Your dad probably took your mom out on a date And they were having a good time They were dancing and drinking wine (We're gonna live forever) And when they got home They were horny as hell And your dad threw your mom down on the bed And he tore her panties off And his wee-wee was hard as a rock (I'm so horny) And at this point your mom wanted to give your dad head But your dad also wanted to give your mom head So they formed a sixty nine (sit on my face) And your mom came at least three times (Oh, oh, oh) And then your dad was so excited to get inside your mom That he forgot to put a condom on And when he realized his mistake (O-oh) He had ejaculated and it was too late (You're not on the pill, are you?

Lajoie was born in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, and raised in the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec.

His father is Québécois and his mother is English-Canadian, and he is the third of nine children.

Even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now, he reportedly considers settling down a viable option if the right girl comes along.

Lojoie started his career as a comedian through the French-Canadian sit com L' Auberge du chien noir.

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