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Beauty may be skin deep, but dating someone requires getting under someone’s skin to the meat beneath – and Rochkind wasn’t willing to do so.

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It takes less than five seconds on Google to find a dozen Pinterest posts on contouring and two dozen more dudes complaining that contouring is black magic.

No matter what Instagram hashtags are used, nobody “woke up like this”.

On Thursday, the New York Post – the paper of record known mostly for writing to an eighth-grade reading level – posted a bit of outrage fluff.

In this article, Dan Rochkind – that rare New York private equity executive, described as having a “full head of hair and muscular body” – talks about how he is nobly giving up dating absurdly hot women, boldly declaring that he will now stick to the “merely very beautiful” instead.

Similarly, they want to be given credit and awards for deigning to “date down” and suddenly discovering that women – even women who are merely had substance…

it was just that he and his peers never went looking for it.Katy Perry and Gabrielle Union don’t look like Katy Perry and Gabrielle Union first thing in the morning. But you have to own that lack of compatibility, not blame it on “Well, she’s hot so…”.Dita Von Teese is famous for talking about the process she goes through to become, well, Dita. Finding that women have depth isn’t something you get a cookie for; it’s part of the qualities that help keep couples together.Hot women are, according Rochkind, not just vain but, well, Evidently forgetting that he had chosen them exclusively based on their looks rather than compatibility, shared interests or anything other than whether they impressed his bros, Rochkind found that dating hot women inevitably meant that he would get tired of them as soon as his brain was no longer entirely in line with his dick. After all, a study cited in the story proclaims that beautiful people have more turbulent relationships. Through a careful, multi-decade, longitudinal study comparing cultural values of beauty across several class and racial divisions with records of reported marital satisfaction. They browsed IMDB and high-school yearbooks and double-checked who got divorced. Philosopher, six-pack-wielder and possessor of one of the most awkward Tinder profile photos in history, Benedict Beckeld, agrees.“From my personal experience, people who are better looking are less likely to pursue advanced degrees, or play an instrument or learn other languages,” he said, shortly before reminding readers that he has a doctorate in philosophy1 plays a violin and speaks multiple languages.Doubly so when you don’t show any interest in getting to know the person or seeing if you can connect with interests. If you’re not interested in Twenty One Pilots, you can’t exactly be nonplussed when they aren’t interested in your thoughts about commodities futures.

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