Is a sophomore dating a freshman weird

I feel like being in such different stages in life so early in the relationship could make things difficult. I'm 24, a senior and graduating in december but it wouldn't be my first choice if I was dating again.That said my girlfriend is only a sophomore, so not that far removed but she's alright.

Anyway, she also has a crush on a junior, who may or may not like her back.

Yesterday we talked from 9-1, hung out from -10, and...

I wouldn't but not because of the possible maturity difference.

It would mostly be because since I'm a senior I'll be leaving college soon when they're just starting.

I'm just a bit heartbroken that I couldn't see her blossom and grow and be that light at the end of the tunnel for her.

But she wouldn't have been able to grow as a person and fulfill all her goals if I was there to hold her back.

There's some more variance in individual behavior, but overall I'd say that it's often as large as the gap from freshman to senior in high school, which is huge as well.

When I was a 4th year in college, I started a relationship with a girl who was in her 1st year.

Im In Grade 11 and I don't know what I want too do when I get out of High school So I started looking into it and I want to do something that I would be passionate about Anyone know any good Websites or any Info for someone who Doesn't Know what too do yet with there life??

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