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In fact, we recently went as far as to recommend that everyone install the public beta on their i OS devices because even as it stands now, it’s already more stable than i OS 11.People have found that installing the i OS 12 beta on their i Phones brings huge improvements to performance, and even battery life improvements have been noted by many users.

Nintendo said on its support website that “if the system's battery power display suddenly increases or decreases, it will gradually improve” by following a multi-step process that involves charging your Switch, draining its battery completely, rinsing and repeating. The steps below apply to system menu version 3.0.1 or higher. Set the Auto-Sleep mode to "Never" for "Playing on Console Screen" and for "Connected to TV." 3.

The whole process could — but let’s hope actually doesn’t — take several hours. Connect the AC adapter directly to the console until the battery is fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, leave the console alone for one hour with the AC adapter still connected to it. Afterward, disconnect the AC adapter and allow the console to display the HOME Menu for approximately three to four hours.

sucks that i barely had cell service and the app needed to get authorization to fly since i was within 5 miles of an airport. wrong, turns out that it sends you a verification code and you have to sign some waivers through the app.

So off i went playing with my new toy, after i finished the first battery i put a new one in and i was ready to go again....except the drone wasnt. i had no idea the batteries needed firmware updates. and with my crappy cell signal it took almost 10 minutes for the battery to update to the latest firmware.

Apple released i OS 11.3, the latest version of its mobile operating system today, March 29.

The update includes new privacy settings, new Animoji, updates to its augmented-reality engine, and other general updates.

Apple has made good on Cook’s promise with i OS 11.3.

Here’s how to update your battery settings: That’s it.

This update comes as the attorneys for 59 different lawsuits against Apple over slowing down the batteries without users’ consent meet in Atlanta (paywall) to determine whether the suits will be combined into one massive class-action suit.

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