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If you share hard times about your own personal life, even if they can relate to it and have had even worse times, you’ll never hear about it, unless you’re in the immediate family.They’ll just listen with a loving heart, try to be understanding, and give you advice. They’re extremely family oriented, which is one of the biggest pluses that I’ve seen to this day.

Of course, this is not always the case, and there are seldom times when Persian parents are more open minded and accepting of a person that their child is dating, if their child is happy. A huge portion of Persians will hide you out, so to speak during early dating, until they’re more sure about going public with you.

They’ll go out of their way in taking you to secluded and private places, so that the other Persians that you both might run into won’t “catch you” on a date together. I think that this mostly happens until about the age of 40 for men and women.

I had the best teacher I have two amazing children that I adore more than life itself. There’s nothing that I want more for them, than to keep the good parts of their culture a big part of their life.

I taught myself how to speak Farsi, and I did so predominantly so that one day, I could speak to my children in their native tongue, if and when I had them.

The things listed here are not all things that I’ve personally experienced, but a combination of some that I’ve experienced and some that others have. The title of this article alone might cause drama, because I didn’t use the word Iranian, and wrote Persian instead. In case Persians don’t know by now, people will call you whatever you want. Everyone knows that, and although you unfortunately had been so prejudiced against at the time of the revolution, and still to this day I understand that many face prejudices, many people are just hating on you for the fact that you’ve come such a long way from 1979 until now.

Persians in LA have become so driven and motivated to succeed in business and in life here in America.

They’ve been known to even ask what kind of car you drive, if you own your own home, and what area you live in, in order to find out whether or not it’s expensive enough. This is a general thing that I’ve heard from many men, Persian and others as well. If you don’t like drama in families, you might not want to date a Persian.

Of course, everyone has drama sometimes, but the type of drama I’m talking about is intense and passionate, and stays in the family.

(gossiping and talking behind people’s back) going on!

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