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Skype is another app that many people have used for years to make voice and video calls.

The service is owned by Microsoft and has become part of the Office 365 suite, but new users can still download the app and make free group video calls with up to 25 people — as long as the calls are from Skype to Skype users.

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Children can keep in touch with their mothers and fathers so that they continue to play a crucial role in their development.

Families with members who are serving overseas in the military have also greatly benefited from the service.

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One hitch--if you fail at technology, the prospect of utilizing Skype, etc. I literally just figured out how to work an i Phone. And more modern love:7 Ways to Feel More Comfortable (and Less Pervy) While Having Phone Sex Weekend Sex Adventures: We Had Dreamy Phone Sex!

Protecting a Skype Account A new Skype user can protect his or her account by changing the password frequently.

The password should be changed once every month for maximum safety.Some wonder if Skype is safe enough to prevent hackers from accessing their computers.Parents may question whether or not Skype is safe enough to keep their children from being exposed to something corrupt and are concerned about strangers contacting tweens.They can also cause vulnerabilities that may leave the system open for intrusion.As long as a user takes proactive steps to protect the computer, Skype can be safe to use.Facebook announced late last year that it was adding a group video chat function to its Facebook Messenger app.

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