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It also doesn't allow idiotic setups, which later turns out to be a very bad decision.We had one cluster that was two machines: master & slave, over time, decision was made to write certain data just to slave, while different kinds of data was only written to master.Many other programming languages and frameworks are already moving in this direction.

It's still a bit unfair to say, because we have more My SQL than Postgres nodes, but Postgres just seems to work so currently it requires no attention.

Barman doesn't make daily backups, but continuously every transaction.

We have also chatted about doing translation from the classic protocol to X Protocol in the My SQL Router. It looks the top few of my biggest gripes are getting addressed, and that's exciting news.

Could you elaborate more on My SQL being the Ikea of databases?

I'm trying to predict what your answer to the prior paragraph might be and pose additional questions based on that answer to avoid an extra round-trip.

I want to start by saying that gripes/land mines don't help anyone.An interesting acrobatics needed to be performed to restore that to working condition.Postgres, it would not let you make any changes to the slave, the replication slots make sure no logs are purged if replication is down.It is simple in design, but that does not make it limited.My company was one of those set on My SQL and was resisting Postgre SQL, and we succeeded that we now have Postgres and My SQL side by side, and operationally Postgres is actually less overhead (especially with tools like repmgr and barman).I would maybe start off by saying feature parity was/is never the goal.

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