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If you use other types of cache, high Cache Lifetime can significantly slow down the shop. If Varnish works correctly, then FPC will work corectly with Varnish too.

For more information about how to set up and configure REDIS, you can read here: https:// ~!

Default - refresh cache if visible product changed.

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MEMCACHE must be installed on the server before configuring You can check if you use MEMCACHE in phpinfo: To configure magento to work with MEMCACHE you need to add the following lines to your configuration file ( app/etc/) after ~!

MEMCACHED must be installed on the server before configuring.

Install OAE Scheduler In time line you will see proccess fpc_crawler and fpc_crawlerlogged. This way FPC will keep in cache only more visited pages.

You'll need to increase "Limit of Crawled URLs per Run" such way that 5 minutes will be enough for crawl (maybe it will 10,20 or 500). [^p][^=]*/ If so, FPC will add in crawler only urls like: Extended crawler setting and set "Add crawled ulrs directly in database = Yes" 2.) Install REDIS on server and configure it in

You can learn more about it here: How to configure REDIS 3.) In Redis configuration (app/etc/file) add id_prefix 1.) Disable FPC in cache management.

2.) Comment redis cache in /app/etc/3.) Set password in your config file present at /etc/redis.FPC updates page price if you change prices in admin panel.So in most situations you don't need to exclude price.Open any store page and you will see the time stats (Response time) and Cache status.If Cache status Cache Hit - page is in the cache, if Cache Miss - page is not in the cache.You can check if you use MEMCACHED in Cache Storage Management page.

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