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In addition, this deficiency may have several different origins.They include a biological predisposition, an environmental context of avoidance, and the interaction of the two.

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This hypersensitivity often results in a very intense and variable response by a person with BPD.

Such intensity produces an imbalance, so then people with BPD have a hard time recovering it.

The child learns to express his emotions in an extreme way, or completely inhibits or disinhibits them, as this dysfunctional expression grows.

People with borderline personality disorder are very sensitive to external experiences because they are afraid of abandonment.

It was not my first time feeling suicidal or even attempting it.

But it felt so unlike me, and that is exactly how I had felt for the last two years prior to that. One minute I was happy, and the next I wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. I waited patiently, staring at the ceiling, for my mother to arrive. I was guided to a different wing, minutes after finishing my breakfast, where I was met with two young students. They asked a slew of questions about what led me there and how I was feeling in the situation that led me here, so on and so forth, before they left me alone to consult with the psychiatrist on staff that day.

One trait of people with borderline personality disorder is the difficulty they have managing their emotions.

Their emotions bubble over easily and they find it hard to find stability.

I could never tell what was bringing such intense feelings and at such polar opposites at times. I waited 10 minutes before the psychiatrist entered, followed by the students.

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