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She goes as far as to apparently "kiss" him on the cheek (by Watanuki's definition) when he has food stuck there.He's often frustrated by her actions, and accuses her of thinking of him as a weak due to her easily dominating him; his embarrassment is confused by Karuta of him not wishing to be friends with her anymore, hurting her feelings.Karuta appears as a young, slim teenage girl with salmon-pink hair tied in pigtails, and eyes with a similar color.

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Additionally, she has cried on four occasions—when Watanuki's reincarnated form promised to keep being with her, when Watanuki goes to save her from her household, with Kagerou, and when Kagerou had allegedly died.

She also enjoys eating, almost to the point of obsession, and can normally be seen snacking on many kinds of food.

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Watanuki is especially protective about Karuta, which was first displayed when it was revealed he had gone away for some time to train in order to be a person that could protect her.

He also was quick to run to her when she had gone missing with Kagerou, and was dismayed at her obedience with Kagerou's collar.

During the reincarnation in Part Two, it's shown that Kagerou remains friendly towards her in the reunion as he offers her meat across the table that he "cooked over the flames and coal for her".

Additionally, he still refers to her as a slave despite her being an SS agent for Watanuki.

In her reincarnation at the age of twenty, she has shorter hair that reaches down to her neck.

She still wears a similar blazer she had in her past when working as a Secret Service agent.

At the end of the manga, it appears that they started dating.

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