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Happy Birthday to both Canada and the USA ABorigin Art March Newsletter We have come across exciting new pieces from a collector who put together his fabulous Inuit collection in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These drawings represent this awesome animal in all its glory… I am surprised and very impressed with the level of detail and artistry in this years release. c Path=175 Reservations are being taken as of Aug 19th 2015 although as always nothing can be *SOLD* until the official opening on Oct 17th 2015.

These works are nothing short of breathtaking in their detail, subject matter and co... what an exhibit we have to offer for the September update. ABorigin Art Cape Dorset 2017 Print Preview Breaking news !!!!

We are featuring the *King and Queen* Exhibit comprising of 30 of the most sought after and long sold out graphics works by Kananginak and Kenojuak. The preview for the Cape Dorset 2016 Annual Print Collection is now available.

The gallery was founded in 1997, and became operational in January 1998. We have added new North West Coast and First Nation art to the website and look forward to expanding in this area. please click "Like" on this page or come visit our site at All the best ;) ABorigin Art Spring Newsletter - https://mailchi.mp/1f906392b0f1/aboriginart-spring-newsletter-2997249 The Cape Dorset 2019 Spring Print Collection Release featuring 6 exciting works by Kananginak Pootoogook.

Visit to view our newest selection of sculpture of print offerings.

ABorigin Art Cape Dorset 2018 Print Preview - Breaking news !!!!

The preview for the Cape Dorset 2018 Annual Print Collection is now available.This month we have chosen to feature the last available *older* works of Germaine Arnaktaoyok .In my opinion one of the most amazing Inuit graphic artists ever.Known primarily for his large scale drawings and majestic prints, Tim was recognized throughout the art world for his unique and... Just want to wish all of our valued friends and patrons of the art, a fabulous, safe and festive Holiday and the very best of wishes for 2017.ABorigin Art Holiday Season Special Offer Reminder It’s that time of year ….. It’s the final couple of days to order and receive those last minute g...I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful Summer Season full of outings, BBQ’s and fun in the sun !

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