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There has been no systematic devastation for the purpose of intimidating the people.

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Harassment may include inappropriate behaviour based on the protected characteristics of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, age, disability, race, religion or belief.

But it is not limited to these protectected characteristics - harassment may be judged to have occurred on the basis of inappropriate behaviour based on, for example, someone's nationality, accent, gender identity or gender expression.

In summary, this means that harassment will have occurred if any independent, reasonable individual deems it to have occurred.

(The University will apply the definition of harassment in Section 26 of the Equality Act 2010 which states that a person harasses another if that person engages in unwanted conduct which has the purpose or effect of violating the other person's dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.

This arbitrary conduct did not succeed in intimidating the other Councillors.

Harassment is unwanted conduct that occurs with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of an individual or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.As to intimidating me, or changing my course, the thing cannot be done.Every thing had been done by the Indians to render this show as intimidating as possible.However, it is important to recognise that behaviour that is acceptable to you may not be acceptable to others.For example ‘teasing’ a colleague about their sexuality or religion can create a humiliating or offensive environment for that person that is likely to be considered harassment.Some examples of unacceptable physical and verbal conduct which could constitute harassment are given below: In considering whether conduct constitutes unlawful harassment, the University will take account of whether it is "unwelcome" or "offensive" to the person experiencing the conduct; whether it has the effect of violating their dignity; whether it creates an environment which is "intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive... The "perception" of the person experiencing the conduct is one of the factors which must be taken into account in making this judgement.

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