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French argues, “The list could go on, but more disturbing than the individual cases is the deep inversion of America’s constitutional principles that has empowered this legal assault. constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights does not merely limit the federal government from establishing a religion, but also guarantees the free exercise of religion.

If governments ultimately prevail in these efforts, the resulting precedents would upend the constitutional order, rendering religious Americans even more vulnerable to future legal attacks, like the threatened loss of tax exemptions for Christian educational institutions.”French then turns to the Bill of Rights, which enshrines religious liberty as a core American liberty.

magazine argued that religious liberty is indeed endangered in America.

Rather than immediately answering, “no,” the Solicitor General of the United States responded, ‘It’s certainly going to be an issue.’”Indeed, it will be and has proven to be an issue, and not just for tax exemptions.

It will be an issue when it comes to any form of social recognition.

Relationship somebody exterior of your race has been controversial for many centuries.

Different interracial courting books I’ve read just give me infinite statistics upon statistics.

President Obama could have accomplished the same policy measure without violating the consciences of Christian ministries or companies managed from Christian principles.

The threat of the administrative state, furthermore, extends beyond health-coverage mandate.In reflecting on the oral arguments, French eloquently states: “And just like that, millions of American Christians could easily and quickly imagine a future where the law held their traditional, orthodox religious beliefs—the beliefs of the Catholic Church and every significant evangelical denomination in America—in the same regard as it held the views of vile racists.But Christians who had been paying attention knew of this risk well before Obergefell.The same kind of policies have come from the Department of Justice or the Department of Education.Just about every dimension of the vast administrative state presents such dangers.He later moved to Los Angeles in 1993 to further pursue his music career.

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