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You’re looking at profiles and swiping right or left and you come across someone who is “perfect”. He has a cute little dog (you love dogs) and he’s a doctor making 150K a year. So you build up the courage to shoot him the first message – and guess what? Meeting someone in real life and having a real connection is romantic, online dating is nothing but a tool.You’re supposed to look at each profile like an opportunity, nothing more. 2017 - Speed dating tip Are you not successful during dating?

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Guys who are serious tend not to turn the conversation to sex until they’re sure you’re okay with it. I insist they are respectful, but I don’t think there would be a complete breakdown of that respect if I wasn’t clear about my expectations.

They will try to get to know you, and let you get to know them. I do know what you’re objecting to, and I sympathize.

This is how you get frustrated, heartbroken and feel rejected before you’ve even gone on a real date.

You need to save the falling in love for real people.

If you found yourself on this page, it is because you’re frustrated and haven’t found any success. Well, see I have a process that I have used to help make my online dating efforts go a little smoother. It’s not working and you’re not getting responses from guys you’re interested in.

Well let me tell you something, if this is true, it is because you’re doing it wrong. My name is Lana and I am a dating coach and professional matchmaker. If I were to find myself single, I KNOW that I would be able to find a loving boyfriend in roughly 6-8 months. Here are 5 of my top reasons why online dating might not be working for you. What happened here is you thought online dating was romantic but it’s not.Your tone and attitude towards online dating needs to be positive and fun.Once you accept that there’s a different way to approach online dating, you become a sponge willing to absorb knowledge.If you’re on niche apps and you live in a small town, you’re not going to be getting a lot of results so it’s important to look at your options and pick the one that works best for you.I went into a little more detail on how to research a good dating site or app in my “How to Make Online Dating Easier” training video, which you can get for free by clicking here.I covered this in 10 reasons why you suck at dating but it’s still totally true.

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