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This article did not clearly address the information I read elsewhere (Probably MENSA or Triple Nine Society) that simply explains that people find it easier to communicate with a person who is within 20 IQ points of themselves.So, YES - if the average is 100 then 120 is the upper limit of "Attractive".It must feel like living on a planet of chimpanzees.

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But could there be a limit to the sexiness of smartness?

Researchers Gignac, Darbyshire, and Ooi (2018) out of University of Western, Australia, decided to find out.

But for those of us who ARE into the 2 sigma range, it can be very frustrating to "dial back" in order to have a conversation with someone 50 IQ points lower.

Knowledge of the world's problems destroys (or at least impedes) happiness.

So as I see it, looking into the nuances would help the discussion. And the premise that intelligence is the "#1 most desirable trait for men, and #2 desirable trait for women" is flawed as well. Women ultimately desire wealth, status and resources. They did a official government survey back when i was in highschool about sex, drugs and alcohol.

These are the hard truths that no "research article" will ever admit. All it tells you is that these surveys are worthless. We made it a contest who could give the most outrageous answers.I guess I should not be surprised that intelligence is the primary criteria when looking for a partner in a culture that worships the intellect.However there are so many different types of intelligences so which one would we desire for our mate.And maybe there's some truth to these ideas: High intelligence, for example, indicates an array of desirable heritable traits, including creativity and problem-solving, and suggests stimulating companionship for a long-term relationship.The adaptive benefits of intelligence makes smart look pretty darn sexy.I suspect that high intelligence is also deleterious to our psychological well being.

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