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James Coleman is the Director of the Shelby County Correctional Center.You can reach him at (901) 377-4500 or via email at [email protected] His office is responsible for issuing vehicle licenses, notary public commissions, and marriage licenses; collecting Liquor by the Drink taxes; swearing in deputy sheriffs; and selling business licenses.

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You can get in touch with him at of inmates currently incarcerated in the facility.

You can use use an inmate’s first name, last name, and date of birth to locate an inmate within the database.

Yes, unlike so many that claim to be "free," this site actually is just that. We do not track your visits, we do not place cookies on your computer, we do not wish to know who you are. We do remove and ban inmates who provide false or misleading information, those that are running a scam, etc.

There is no porno there, so if you seek such then please go elsewhere.

I think I am probably addicted now, checking them more often than I do Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Social media like interface and interaction with other members.

This happens a lot because two people almost never have the same expectations for a relationship.

Shelby County Tennessee Correctional Center Overview Shelby County is located in West Tennessee.

Founded in 1819, it was named in honor of Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby. The zip codes in Shelby County are 37501, 38103, 38101, 38105, 38104, 38107, 38106, 38109, 38108, 38111, 38112, 38115, 38114, 38117, 38116, 38119, 38118, 38122, 38120, 38125, 38127, 38126, 38128, 38131, 38133, 38132, 38135, 38134, 38139, 38138, 38141, 38148, 38157, 38152, 38193, 38004, 38002, 38014, 38017, 38016, 38018, 38028, 38029, and 38053.

Also included are a site search, application form, links page, etc.

Founded in 1996, Inmate Classified was created to address prison inmates’ need to reconnect with friends, family, as well as facilitating positive communication with people around the world. 91394 We’ll process the profile as soon as we get your payment.

You can download the form Make sure to include the sender’s full name and complete address.

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