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Some of the city's most notable businesses were founded during this period of growth and innovation, including L. Ayres (1872), Eli Lilly and Company (1876), Madam C. Walker Manufacturing Company (1910), and Allison Transmission (1915).

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Other historians have argued as early as 1822 that John Wesley Mc Cormick, his family, and employees became the area's first European American settlers, settling near the White River in February 1820.

Indianapolis became a seat of county government on December 31, 1821, when Marion County, was established.

The city charter continued to be revised as Indianapolis expanded. district court was established at Indianapolis in 1825.

Effective January 1, 1825, the seat of state government moved to Indianapolis from Corydon, Indiana. During the American Civil War, Indianapolis was mostly loyal to the Union cause. Morton, a major supporter of President Abraham Lincoln, quickly made Indianapolis a rallying place for Union army troops.

Indianapolis anchors the 27th largest economic region in the U.

In 1818, the Delaware relinquished their tribal lands in the Treaty of St. Since the 1970 city-county consolidation, known as Unigov, local government administration operates under the direction of an elected 25-member city-county council headed by the mayor.On February 11, 1861, president-elect Lincoln arrived in the city, en route to Washington, D. for his presidential inauguration, marking the first visit from a president-elect in the city's history.On May 20, 1863, Union soldiers attempted to disrupt a statewide Democratic convention at Indianapolis, forcing the proceedings to be adjourned, sarcastically referred to as the Battle of Pogue's Run.Samuel Henderson, the city's first mayor, led the new city government, which included a seven-member city council.In 1853, voters approved a new city charter that provided for an elected mayor and a fourteen-member city council.Following the Civil War—and in the wake of the Second Industrial Revolution—Indianapolis experienced tremendous growth and prosperity.

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