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I have been on and off this site for some years and have mixed feelings tho mostly positive.

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Of course such things are tabooed within our society, that’s why one involved in some extramarital fling has to care a lot about privacy. And do you think illicit affairs are really illicit?

Even though it’s a dangerous way of adding some spice to your life, according to the statistics at least 50% of men cheat on their wives. There are no laws (except the law of God) forbidding extramarital romance.

The results found British county Devon was the most adulterous county in the UK, with over 48% of respondents from the area admitting to cheating on their current partner.

The study also showed that text messaging was the method by which British spouses were most likely to be caught cheating.In an interview with Campaign magazine, CEO Adam Scott said that the website had “struggled to secure commercial spots in the mainstream media, having been refused permission to advertise by some magazines and broadcasters”.In May 2010, Ratcliffe Fernley Media, owners of Titan Bus Advertising, cancelled the site’s planned campaign, which was scheduled to run across 22 buses across London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Leicester and Nottingham.For example, minors may be less likely than adults to understand sexually transmitted diseases, have access to contraception, and have the resources to raise a child if they become illicit dating.Make friends in the UK: international penpals, language exchange partners, boyfriends or girlfriends Find, make and meet friends from all over the world live on webcam.She confided she was desperate to get her sexual thrills elsewhere, without compromising her marriage.

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