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Your tone will be detrimental to this, so keep it condescending.Not the best way to keep friends and we're not saying to actively seek them out but it's hardly your fault if your friend's guy makes a pass at you and is willing to go the whole way... What's the point in spending all your time sugar coating things when you can be open with someone?It doesn’t translate into conservative or perfect behavior but it stresses the need to set boundaries.

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What this book emphasizes, which I love, is that the attitude you have about yourself, as seen through your actions, is exactly the attitude a man will have towards you.

The rules that this book shares are about behaving in a high value way all of the time.

If you’re trying to express love and positive feelings but you’re met with disinterest and inconsistency, don’t try harder: bounce.

You don’t need to explain why, or give them a chance to explain themselves.

When you start dating someone, take their behavior at face value because that’s how they’re taking yours.

In fact, a man is judging everything you say and do as an indication of how much you value yourself.

Human beings have a want and to love and express love.

We grow as people when we’re able to express ourselves in a safe and balanced relationship.

When you are anxious about where the relationship is going it’s because you’re living in a scarcity mindset.

You’re experiencing a feeling that comes from a painful past experience and you’re showing low value behavior.

#42 When you are always HAPPY; And he is always free to Go; He feels lucky.

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