elite dating services new york - How has dating changed over the years

However, its believed that he is infact dating someone from his hometown in NJ.

However, while those tales of walking 10 miles in the snow may be a little stale, there’s no denying that life has changed in some seriously significant ways over the last half-century.

From advances in technology and medicine to seismic paradigm shifts in romance and religion, life is majorly different today than it was just 50 years ago.

Five decades ago, the idea of having a tiny computer in your pocket that can not only get you in touch with everyone you’ve ever met, but can also be used to track your run, order your groceries, and play your music would seem like the stuff of an outrageous sci-fi movie.

However, today, 77 percent of all Americans own a smartphone, and that number only continues to climb.

Today, hundreds of potential partners are just a swipe away, thanks to the proliferation of dating apps.

Just half a century ago, there were only a handful of TV networks.

The saturation of smartphones means that we are constantly contactable and social media gives people a glimpse into our lives and allows them to get to know us – to a certain degree – before we’ve even met. Since the advent of social media, it’s difficult to fathom why anyone would ever want or need to go on a blind date ever again.

With regards to dating apps, we are suddenly inundated with a degree of choice and abundance we never thought possible, but how do we wade through all the suitable possibilities and find something worthwhile? Not only is a wealth of information easily available at few keystrokes and clicks, but how and where we meet potential partners has changed radically in the last few years.

While it’s not exactly like jogging or playing sports was invented in the last 50 years, the global focus on fitness has undeniably increased in the past half-century.

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