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In addition, interest classes will be organised regularly so as to strengthen the communication between participants with the objective of widening their social network and enhancing their life quality.

Volunteer training is provided for PLHIV to empower and equip them to work with Foundation’s staff and other volunteers for organising various AIDS preventive education programmes for the general public, vulnerable groups, and also providing mutual support services for other PLHIV.

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In the absence of appropriate treatment, HIV can destruct our immune system fast, making our body vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

To fight against the disease, it is important to maintain and strengthen our immune system.

In Hong Kong, people living with HIV/AIDS are able to get related medication and treatment from the government.

Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART), commonly known as cocktail treatment that combines three or more medicines, has been proved to be effective in limiting the replication of the virus in the body, delaying the destruction of the immune system and development into the condition of full-blown AIDS.

In addition to regular medical examinations, PLHIV have to undergo two kinds of special tests to keep track of the The viral load test measures the amount of HIV in the blood.

The lower is the figure, the better is the condition.

Immediate financial assistance could be offered to PLHIV with urgent need through a small support funding.

Moreover, equipment such as wheelchair and walking frame is available for borrowing by PLHIV for temporary use.

Doctors will test the amount of viral load of PLHIV in order to understand the development of the virus, to diagnose the need for treatment regimen and to assess the effectiveness of treatment." for the purpose of monitoring the performance of the immune system.

The results of the tests will be used to decide the timing of starting drug treatment, monitor efficacy, and assess the need for changing the drugs.

In response to the different stages of infection, appropriate support groups will be formed for PLHIV in accordance with their needs.

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