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She said the money also reassures women that their dates will show up and be attentive.“There are so many options out there when it comes to dating, so a lot of the times you’ll go on a date and it’ll be a waste of your time because the guy knows that he can get another date the next day and not really be invested in their time with you.”READ MORE: By the numbers: The rise of Canada’s online dating scene Meanwhile, women tend to spend a lot more time and money getting ready for a date, Dela Cruz said.“It’s good to know it’ll be worth your time showing up there.”Spiwak agrees there is a certain level of dating fatigue for those looking for love.“I know that a lot of women are tired of being blown off at the last minute for maybe another date, someone better …

a lot of the time right at the last minute,” Spiwak said .

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And it could give men the impression they can buy themselves a girlfriend, at least for a period of time.“I think men are attracted to it because it involves the opportunity to spend the evening or the day or whatever with a beautiful women, and a lot of men pride themselves on dating beautiful women or being able to buy the best for themselves, so that’s the appeal for them,” Spiwak said.

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