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When you feel a strong urge to enter a relationship with another person, rest assured, you have found a soul mate. We have to look our demons in the eye if we want them to go away.

Now, of course, this does not mean that the relationship will last forever. People spend a lot of time questioning whether or not they are with the right partner.

There are many lessons to be learned from losing your soul mate.

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Heart dating soul mate

This kind of love can sometimes be a hindrance that holds you captive in a relationship, which may not be right in other aspects.

In simplest terms, a love that’s meant to be, will be.

This new person will do what the other failed to do. This new person will choose to love you, to mend you and to show you that by letting go of your soul mate, you paved the way for true love.

Many of us have pondered the concept of soul mates before. What I believe is that a soul mate is a person with whom you are unexplainably drawn to be in relationship.

Though it may seem difficult to believe, the realization that it must end and actually ending it will be easy; it’s forgetting that is the hardest part. Forgetting how to get through a day without involving this person is hard.

Forcing yourself to remember that the other person has his or her life and you have yours and that the two can continue existing without each other is hard.Once you’ve learned all you can, you will reach a point where this soul mate will be nothing more than remnants of love left, with space cleared for new love to come.You may never have a greater love than this, but there certainly will be a better one.This person is a best friend and partner, who, up until the breaking point, knew you better than anyone you’ve ever known.By letting go, you’re also willingly accepting defeat, and with that, comes the crushing thought of having to start all over again.Letting go of a soul mate is among the hardest things you'll ever do.

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