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last month two very good friends got married after 6 years of dating, this month another couple ive been close with since college is getting impromptu married after 7 years of dating. but i digress cos it was a lovely short ceremony on a gorgeous day, followed by delicious food and drinks, dancing, and merriment!

So Mya and I have been dating for over 5 months now.

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What I notice is many people are being haphazard about their approach to meeting people. When hear that people go to events that are random, where you show up one time and: Examples of haphazard dating are expecting to meet your true love in the grocery store, at a bar, at the bus or train stop.

Also, if you go to an event or a particular Meetup once where it attracts a large group and expect to meet someone the first time or will most likely never see the same people again, this is considered a haphazard approach to dating.

And halfway through the corn maze, little Mya decided that she was tired of walking (we all were) and that she had to be carried. There have been times where I have thought "Hey, I could maybe marry this girl." And there have been times where I thought the opposite. And our relationship has been pretty satisfying thus far.

It's frustrating sometimes because I want to be like "you can either walk or lay down in the dirt and die in this corn maze!

I was only there for a brief time but it was long enough. It’s hard to believe it when someone is actually into you, when you have found someone immune to the games. That’s the worst for me because I want to know where I stand immediately. That’s not the best approach and I will have to work on chilling out or I will sabotage everything! If dating them makes you think they are slumming, walk away.

(And hope to never go back but that’s a whole different topic) I feel like my experiences with the games people play has altered my perspective on people. You have an incorrect measuring stick, so your judgment may be off. So, my question remains that if we do really get what we put out there, and I am putting out genuine and honestywhy am I still wading through the garbage?

Ghosting and bread-crumbing are the two things I experienced the most and were probably the most damaging to my perspective.

(Along with unreasonable expectations, but can’t really do much about that one.) After meeting someone wonderful, who was different and not a game player, I found myself with fear. They will be all willy-nilly with your emotions, dangle your time at the end of their fishing line—they will do whatever it takes so that they get what they want.

I have decided that even if Mya never decides to be active in the church, I could still love her and have a happy home. I feel as if my family has been very quick to accept Mya. At her sister's baby shower (my first baby shower ever, it was co-ed...) I felt like the odd man out. I am surprised that as many people are having kids.

It's something I still worry about, for sure, but it is not a dealbreaker. Even though my parents would certainly prefer a Mormon temple wedding, they aren't advocating against my relationship with Mya. They talk to me a little bit but mostly, they aren't super welcoming. On Saturday, at a corn maze, Mya and I talked about this.

Littlebrother and I had a conversation one night where he told me that it was silly if I honestly believed that I could do everything right but not end up in the celestial kingdom because I chose to marry the wrong person. She screamed and refused to come out from under the table.

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