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Indians, he says, tend to think of freedom in the sense of sovereignty, in a free from British way, whereas Americans value personal freedom. One of the reasons that we Indians don't have the kind of freedom Americans enjoy is our constitution gives our government a lot of power to restrict it.

It bears noting that the American consitution is all of 5000 odd words and has been amended 27 times in 200 years. The US Congress has enormous power to make laws no doubt. So if the Congress there wants to enact a law to restrict freedom, some would say like the PATRIOT ACT, their constituents can raise a stink and make them think twice about enacting the law.

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Nehru wanted to be able to prosecute papers which endangered national security, by their reporting, or caused disorder or for a few other things.

Rajendra Prasad was very concerned about this and consulted a lot of legal experts before signing his assent to those laws.

There is also the check on their power in the form of the President excercising his veto.

In India, on the other hand, many laws are hardwired into the constitution.The Supreme Court and many High Courts struck down many laws made by the state and central governments of the day.The American first amendment guarantees free speech amond other things.Then you can make an offer, if your offer is accepted, you and the seller sign a preliminary sales contract, and you make a downpayment to secure the property.At this point if the seller backs down, he has to pay you double the deposit, if you back down you lose the deposit unless there's a legal reason to justify that.These ads are based on your specific account relationships with us.

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