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Positive preening gestures elicit the impression of self-assurance and confidence.Examples include: – Straightening your coat before you sit or when you stand.

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Not only does it direct attention to your dapper suit, but it gives you the aura of being a dignified, well-bred person.

So give your lapels a slight tug prior to sitting and after standing.

This gesture is commonly used by great thinkers in interviews and portraits as a sign that they are capable of complex thinking.

Again, use this if you want to give your date the intellectual impression. This gesture is normally done in a table setting where both palms are relaxed and face down on the table, with the forearms forming a triangular shape and your upper body leaning forward.

Now if you’ve watched an episode of , you probably have a good idea of how gestures and non-verbal cues could tell a lot about a person.

These cues give a subtle glimpse of the person’s personality, motives, and if they’re telling the truth or a lie.

So take note and learn about your own hand mannerisms and avoid using the gestures that would put you in the wrong side of your date’s graces.

[Read: 14 signs you’re ruining your first dates unknowingly] #2 Don’t overdo it. Think of it as a finishing touch to your words in a conversation or a playful indicator when you want to elicit a reaction.

[Read: 9 simple tips that’ll make you a lot more charismatic] Hand gestures to impress your date FACT: Hand gestures can be used as a supplement to conversations or as a form of non-verbal display, like the metaphorical gorilla beating his chest.

People who use hand gestures are often perceived as more youthful, intelligent, and honest. This gesture is pretty simple, and you can adopt this as a default gesture in romantic interactions.

Preening could be defined as a gesture used to direct attention towards a body part or clothing in order to “fix” our appearance for the sake of the other person.

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