american sex dating girls - Guys dating single mothers

She thinks men are supposed to run up on her offering to buy her drinks.

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Again, it’s just not worth dealing with the bullshit to get with a female. You can find a quality female who doesn’t carry all this baggage or give you this much grief.

Single mothers think because she had a baby out of wedlock the world owes her EVERYTHING.

In their deluded distorted vision of the world Men are still supposed to take her out to the finest restaurants and buy them lots of expensive stuff.

And he’s supposed to take care of her kids too, buying them whatever they want while taking a blind eye to their bad behavior.

It’s hard to have a relationship with her because she’s never there.

Usually in a relationship the man winds up DEAD LAST.The situation they’re in is always the fault of that “no good man”, “these damn kids” their mother or someone else.They never take any time to do any self-examination or make any efforts to change their lives.But the only people who wants what she has to offer are scavengers at the bottom of the social scene.Single Mothers never take responsibility for their actions.In addition to dedicating herself to her children, most single mothers have given their hearts to someone else- their children’s father.

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