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It is widely known that men and women grieve differently and being in a relationship with someone who has lost a loved one can be particularly challenging, be it from a male or female perspective.Whether you are both grieving together or in a new relationship with someone who is grieving ’alone’ this information may help you to traverse the journey together.As we enter the holiday season, many of us struggle with how to manage our own grief as well as the grief of people we love.

Initiating a physical act such as giving bereavement flowers or a card can further demonstrate your sincerity. While it may seem instinctive to envelop your partner with extra attention, doing so could cause your partner to withdraw from you.

Avoid pushing for information or judging your partner’s method of grieving.

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How does our family feel about adding new traditions that our loved one did not get to experience?

Are there things that are too painful to discuss at family holidays? While family members and friends may be grieving the loss of one specific individual, it is important to remember that each person’s grief journey is a unique and changing thing.As women that may be an uncomfortable emotion to witness. Dating someone you care about requires you to provide support through tough times.Women need to talk and express how they feel; it is natural to them, it is what they do. It can also be excruciatingly uncomfortable to be with your partner who is crying and your natural response may be to try and deflect this in some way.This action may serve also, to protect yourself from your own vulnerabilities in relation to the expression of such a strong emotion.Realize that everyone grieves differently and that forcing your partner to conform to your ideals can prolong her journey.

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