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The marriage was short-lived and they divorced in 1975 after just nine months together.

She also dated actor Larry Lamb in the 1970s, splitting after six months things started to get serious between them.

Today, dating over 50 is just as common as dating at a younger age.

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Nobody else in the world could pull that off." The well-to-do star revealed that she had previously had a prince propose to her - and that she'd been pursued by a princess' son.

Lady C earned her title when she married British aristocrat Lord Colin Campbell in 1974 - just five days after meeting.

They fell madly in love and lived happily ever after.

This is a dating dream come true for most older, single women.

Fans at home were stunned to learn that the old school song was her ringtone, flocking to social media to share their amusement.

One tickled viewer wrote: "Hahahha as if Lady C has Shaggy Mr Boombastic as her ringtone." Another added: "Only Lady C can get away with that ring tone.Divorces, followed by revolving-door relationships, health problems, commitments and inflexible lifestyles can be added to the list.This baggage prevents many singles from creating close relationships.While Lena’s 24-year old son is still a person in the making, much of her personality is carved in stone.Unfortunately, not all dating adventures of older singles have happy endings.Lena was not about to let these chores hold her back.

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