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Donna compiled a manuscript detailing this additional information which she has generously shared.

Should you choose to incorporate any of this information into your own work please credit Donna Jean Ford in your citation.

He was particularly interested in the place of the Native American in American culture, and they became a recurring motif in a number of his posters.

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Page 29, paragraph 1— text: “ARTHUR ORR, only son of Arthur Orr, the Elder, was born on the latter’s farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1753.

When he was about eight years of age, his father bought two tracts of land in York County, adjoining Lancaster County on the west.

19th-century ‘Wild West’ posters, advertising circuses or medicine shows, were also an important influence for the poster artists of the psychedelic era.

The popular idea of the Native American, representing the ‘outsider’, living an simple, communal life, struck a romanticised chord among the hippies, as did the long hair and traditional dress.

The Washington Co., VA inventory for Arthur ORR, the Elder, was dated and returned to court on .

Therefore, Arthur ORR, the Elder, probably died in 1808, not 1807, as he was still alive on and his inventory was taken , (Wash. One of the first acts of the executor or an administrator is to locate and inventory all property of the deceased and have it appraised prior to any settlements.The event details fill most of the space, and motifs such as the head of a Native American chief, two bearded guitatists, and a putto with an afro, are incorporated into the poster's design. The lettering reads, 'Butterfield Blues Band, Buddy Miles, Quatermass, Thursday - Sunday December 17, 18, 19, 20, Lights by Orb, 1970 Poster by Orr, © Bill Graham, Incredible String Band, Monday December 14, Wednesday December 16, An Evening In With Ravi Shankar'. Also included is the curious image of a cherub with a large afro hairstyle. This is, in fact, a portrait of the drummer and blues vocalist, Buddy Miles, who is listed in the line-up. Mary, wife of William STEWART, was also alive and probably was the daughter of Arthur the Elder.

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