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Once verified, GFEDating Providers receive a 'VERIFIED' tag on their photos and profile.Some benefits of listing with us include: unlimited photo uploads, video intro, change your location or category at anytime at no cost to you, massive daily traffic, personalized 'no' list, access to the global blacklist, public calendar, verified clients (3 levels) and helpful marketing tips & tricks.Now we can't be certain that our Cytherea relied upon that romantic connection before embarking on her "nom de porn" here, but no one can doubt that Dear Cy certainly brings a unique … You'll find her on her Blog everywhere, and you'll find an even more intimate "her" inside her members area.

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Then I began dating the most popular boys in school. I started my own Yahoo group fairly quickly, posting naked photos of myself like a lot of girls do.

One girl got mad at me for horning in on her action, but I’d learned some wrestling moves from my dad and put her in her place! An Adult modeling agency saw my pictures and apparently liked what they saw, and they e-mailed me to see if I’d be interested in the porn business.

She got married when I was a year old, and I now have three sisters and one brother. I also permed just my bangs to see if perming worked. Because of all this, kids teased me, but when my older sister enrolled in my school she beat up the mean kids, and they didn’t make fun of me anymore! I met Brian (my ex from when I was first in the business) when I was dancing in Vegas. I’d never seen the ocean so took him up on his offer.

I became more outgoing and even joined the Pink Cougars Cheerleading squad. My mom always said I was an ugly duckling and would grow into my looks. I grew out my perm and ditched my glasses in Junior High. My favorite class was shop, because I was one of the only girls! As it turned out, there were a lot of "waves" in that relationship too, but for now I'll just say that we've been separated for a long time now, and I'm much happier.

90% of ladies will ignore 'hi' as a first point of contact, and messages without content will usually be just deleted.

💙 Availability in #San Diego - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & weekends! linktr.ee/Steviemadisonxo RT4RT💙 pic.twitter.com/DZfd JBGJxt Pro tip for guys: Introduce yourself with a little ettiquette. Share which city you are in and a brief date request.

Contact requests to you from our system are always from members that have been 100% photo and financially verified.

We also have an Integrated Member Reference System.

Then, as you may have heard, Brian and I had a very bad breakup.

I do want to say that I'm very thankful that the Industry came together to help me detox and to help me move away from that environment.

My wonderful fans bought photos, paid for web cam shows, and donated money so I could get a boob job and tummy tuck. I am humbled and my heart is warmed by my fans’ love and devotion.

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