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In early '90s Melbourne it was difficult to find electronic dance music on the radio or at the record store.

But almost every weekend, somewhere in the city, a dancefloor would be filled with ravers wearing brightly-coloured home-made costumes."If you wanted to hear this music — you know, techno music, acid house, house music — you could only really hear it in a club, at a party or at a rave," says Paul Fleckney, author of Techno Shuffle: Rave Culture and the Melbourne Underground.

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Computer terminals with text-based chat software allowed ravers to have conversations with people on the other side of the world — though what these global netizens thought of their conversations with Melbourne's 3am techno crowd is anyone's guess.

While sitting at a desktop computer may seem incongruous with a night out dancing, rave culture's embrace of technology can be traced back to the Detroit techno scene of the '80s — a scene Melbourne was very much influenced by."The techno scene here in Melbourne has always had a strong futurist element to it," Fleckney says."A term that was being used long before 'cyberspace' became common [was] this idea of 'cyberdelic', this fusion of technology and psychedelia.

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The main attractions were music and dancing — closely followed by drugs, particularly ecstasy and LSD."There was this sense that anything goes, anyone would be accepted at a rave," Fleckney says.

"There was no dress code, there were no bouncers turning people away because they didn't have the right shoes on."The scene had a dark side.

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By the mid-'90s, many of the people supplying drugs to the local dealers were also involved in the Melbourne gangland wars, made famous by TV show Underbelly.

And while rave was a welcoming environment, it certainly wasn't always a healthy one."As time progressed it became this ...

He says that, from its roots in disco as a haven for black gay people in the 1970s, electronic dance music has a long history of "being this alternative scene that caters for those beyond the mainstream".

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