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For typical single step actions, * there are various convenience methods (find, load, save Or Update, delete).

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* The major advantage is its automatic conversion to Data Access Exceptions as well * as its capability to fall back to 'auto-commit' style behavior when used outside * of transactions.

* * This class can be considered as direct alternative to working with the raw * Hibernate3 Session API (through ).

The problem is that even if you are flushing your first level cache, you may not be batching your SQL statements.

Hibernate flushes by default for the following reasons: The thing to note here is that until the session is flushed, every persistent object is placed into the first level cache (your JVM's memory).

So if you are iterating over a million objects you will have at least a million objects in memory.

To avoid this problem you need to call the public void do Batch() [/sourcecode] Assuming the Customer cascades save to the Cart object you would expect to see something like this in your SQL logs: [sourcecode language='sql'] insert into Customer values (...) insert into Cart values(...) [/sourcecode] There are two reasons for batching your hibernate database interactions.

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The first is to maintain a reasonable first level cache size so that you do not run out memory.

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