Gerald guzolik and dating sites

At this point I'm thinking okay yes it's a scam but I'm letting it ride just to see where it goes.

I say no I can't as I don't have that kind of money because I live off of disability. he said it doesn't matter and I understand but for the past two weeks he keeps asking me over and over for that money.

Very good at what he does, very romantic, handsome picture, two children, from Denmark, really uses the spiritual on my life. Greg has no description and his profile wants to get off the "site" (it's an app idiot) and uses images of some well known people in OR. I sent him no money but he got my real name, address, phone#, picture, gmail address, but I sent him no money. Then I got a face book friend request from Roland Morris, and he had just created his page today- big red flag- and the pic he used was not the same person as the pic on WWF- so I have blocked him- has to be the same man!! BE CAREFUL LADIES as he tries to squeeze you for ,000 and then ,000 (saying that he has got a loan). Proclaims he loves you and then tries to guilt you into parting with your cash. No man waits 10 years for sex no matter how much in love he is with another woman. God Bless The guys name is John Morgan and he says he needs a steam card to get out and off the oil rig. They always want me to join different apps, want my phone #, etc. I understand being lonely, I understand wanting to have someone that loves you that you can love back but if you're gullible enough to give a complete stranger that's not even local all your money then maybe you deserve to have it taken. Who wouldnt think its crazy someone fell for you over a message board in 2 days. Make you feel sorry for them, they are widowed, have children, did you ever wonder why men in their 50’s and 60’s have small children? We all need to STOP listening to their pathetic BS. LADIES, they do not love you, you will NEVER meet them. Why would any of you give money to people you do not know? Please everyone stop letting them steal your money. Ladies don’t send money and don’t send details or don’t send anything if it’s too good to be true it usually Is. I did some digging and found out the profile pic doesn't match the city with palm trees in the background. We talked about theology - I’m an outdoor adventurous and music lover - I keep insisting he tell me things about himself. I went back on Funbridge and challenged Opps Jake again, thinking he would not respond. Within minutes he messaged me because I took him off block. I told him I would help him if he came clean and told me who he was and who Jake Emrick was. I've never heard of the guys you're asking about, but I will keep an eye out for them. But I kept calling out his BS stories and he would just pull the "baby why don't you trust me". All were rig workers and all of them asked for money within a short time frame. When I refused they called me every name in the book and said i was heartless.

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trk=org-employees_mini-profile_title(at least the title matches)Rick Dancer: The other one is someone from Oregon whom look like a public figure, Rick Dancer: https:// Realwith Rick Dancer/Rondon Brooks: And yet another one from "the rig" is in endless follower feeds for all sorts of women from all over the globe: https:// if it feels off, it's because it is. So this guy has been talking to me for the past month like everyone else telling me what I want to hear as my marriage has broken up. Once I caught on, he immediately stopped communicating with me. Sounds like the one I been talking to for about 8 weeks. Fell head over heels in love with me in a few days. Who could think I’m the one to be taken with a few images. His 14 year old son is in boarding school in Texas and he’s on a 5 year contract on an oil rig in China. Uses his gratitude to God for bringing her into his life. A few days ago he said that he wanted to come to meet me but he needed me to help him apply for his vacation and that he asked me to email the Barrier?? He goes by other names and has several Facebook accounts with the same pictures of where he works. If pics are stolen i can figure it out fromsearching yandex. I did not originally accuse him of being a scammer. Luckily, l'm aware of the scam so, I didn't give money to anyone. I think it started out with me talking to several guys but I didn’t realize it then and one has become intrigued or is possibly learning from me so he can scam better because we’ve been chatting for over a year & he calls a lot, we laugh, he likes my sarcastic wit, he enjoys me singing to him, we talk about various topics - it’s weird but it’s hard to break off. So ladies, you may not do what I did but persevere. So I looked into the names on facebook but he didn’t exist at all while my name appeared first line. If you wanna avoid such incidents, you must insist on him that you wanna talk to him via facetime or skype. Now that he has a son, he forgot to change all the pronouns.

Please send this to the FBI - these guys have to be in Los Angeles. Says he has a 14 year old son staying with his sister in California. He found me on Instagram, and would appear he's looked into the things I follow so he can swat up on what I like and show an interest. Supposedly won a contract bid for a project on an offshore oil rig at Byrding Field, North Sea. He goes My the name Mark Dennis and has a 13 yr old daughter and is from Champagne Il. Just a heads up to the person talking to James Fresnel, I met him on WWF2, his name is Curtis Micheal there. We moved over to Whats App and have been talking for about 3 weeks, I am his wife, his queen, he also calls me babes, so in love with me, can’t stand living without me. Met him on Instagram and wanted to move over to Whats App. He said he can’t come off it for another 2 years unless he needs a vacation. Explains his poor English on being brought up in France. He’s still in contact, trying to convince me to send money. Lovely Ladies, I will share my story about how I found this site. I told him I have enough that I could not help him this time and he was mad and argued with me but still I said no. He said from Italy and had a house in San Diego, Ca Being to naïve I was a victim with the same story. I can't imagine if it wasn't for Bank of America detecting it, I would be in jail but not only that they are using you but also they steal money from you. He also goes by David Williams but he said that is not him and he was hacked on facebook but I don't believe him when I question him he said he does not have to explain anything to me. I said I was no longer interested in a relationship and blocked him. I’ve blocked him three times knowing deep down that he’s a scammer yet I’ve opened it back up again. After reading on several sites now (such as this one), I see the horrible damage these guys have done so I shut it down for good. And it will never happen to me but do not give any darns to the person whom I don’t know yet. I wouldn't give a phone number, but I am talking in email.

Says it was his last day on that site but immediately I was the only woman for him. No one has ever said that they are entirely happy and live a new wonderful romantic life with an oil rigger found here. You know you’re intelligence has told you this is a scam. Say its for the phone and they have no call time on the phone and then turn around and call you. He has FB messenger under the name of Gary Lynn Collins right now. He started out the same way you described and needing to eat and didn't take cash with him and they don't take credit cards.

Please believe the people who have been scammed here. To the lady that is communicating with someone in Nigeria. This man sounds almost exactly like the one that has been scamming me for a year. He goes by the name of Gary Collins Lynn or Gary Lynn Collins or Gary Lynn.

Ask some relatives or friends who love you and they will tell you the same thing. You are talking to the same man, He is Nigerian and says he works in Turkey and to some elsewhere. He is black from Africa, using so many names, using photos of a very handsome man with a son, and telling the same stories with the only difference that he is from another country, living in England etc working in Turkey.

It is your emotion that is keeping you from having common sense. You can email me at [email protected] I'll send you pictures and screenshots of our conversations.

When I was Googling, and trying out all different searches is how I came upon this site. Once on the rig, about a month ago, he has been messaging me and calling me via Hangouts. Has silver-white full head of hair with neatly trimmed mustache and beard. I ask are you almost there and he says I think so hun so then two hours later he is there and then he says do I know anything about steam cards.

His company name came up, but not where he said he lived. Any photos that he was tagged in or conversations that are public would come up. I found a page with his picture and weird foreign writing on it. (Maybe I should turn it into the government.) But to who? After that presentation, he told me his company was sending him to an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Sent me FB friend request and same day insisted we go to hangouts. I told him I couldn't as I had an appointment but he tells me that he had to leave out of the country as he works as a mechanical engineer going to Nigeria for the month and works one month on one month off so I text thinking he's on the flight.

He said; on one of the same fb sites we belong too. He said he just got out of the shower, give him a minute. Just recently, I've been playing along just to see if he will talk to me when he knows I won't send any money - nope, not much - just one sentence and then he is gone from Hangouts. I just can't understand how they have the time to fool us ladies, we have "talked" for hours. Sends a lot of pictures of himself that looks real, can't understand where he finds them. I ok'd him (Richard Jefferson) if that is his name. I got as far as talking about the weather, next thing, blocked. I blocked him immediately and took off Google Hangouts. Many are women where the scammer gets their trusts. Name used was Kurt Christian Scholz, wife and two children died in a boat accident two years ago. I have chatted with Wilson Dom who eventually wanted many declarations of love to have $ 15,000. I have been away for over a year for personal reasons, actually moving on with life. Anyway I got suspicious after he had a "work accident" and it was his fault.

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