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How badly she misunderstands gay people, and how hostile she is towards us.

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Franz-Josef Hermann Bode has been bishop of the Diocese of Osnabrück since 1995.

In September 2017 he was elected as the new deputy chairman of the German Bishops Conference.

Roman Catholicism firmly opposes same-sex marriage as unnatural, so even Germany’s creative theologians have little leeway there.

But the theology of giving a blessing to a gay couple is less clear, and two bishops have now spoken out in favor of considering some form of benediction as a way to adjust to the changing times.

Although most church officials still reject it, the idea of blessing gay couples has been under discussion long before Bode’s interview in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung made national headlines.

“I know the issue is out there, not only in Osnabrück or in the (episcopal conference’s) Pastoral Commission, but across Germany,” said Holger Dörnemann, the new delegate for relations with gay people in the Cologne Archdiocese, the largest and richest in the country. (Bode) has only expressed what is actually under discussion in every diocese,” Dörnemann told the archdiocese’s radio station.“I think it’s a problem theologically if we make blessings dependent on a moral assessment of human behavior,” Benedikt Kranemann, a professor of liturgy at the University of Erfurt, told the church’s official news site, “When a car is blessed, the driver is also blessed, regardless of how he drives,” he said.We Are Church, a leading lay reform movement, urged the faithful to join in these discussions.“The people in the pews must hold constructive conversations with church leaders in which the bishops are the ones who have something to learn,” it said.Ecumenical cooperation and intermarriage are common, so developments in one denomination are often debated in the other, even if the same change is not made.

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