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Songs are like movies to me, and so you put yourself in the movie. You hit the first chords of 'She's In Love With The Boy' and 20,000 people start to scream, you're pretty motivated. She has two brothers: Adam Thomas and Scott Thomas. But if it's not that, if the story is not what you get into, maybe it's the crowd response. Trisha Yearwood was born in Monticello, Georgia, the United States on September 19, 1964, as the daughter of Gwendolyn(mother), a schoolteacher, and Jack Howard Yearwood(father), a local banker.

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Still, Brooks says he was committed to making his marriage to Sandy work and would try to do so for 14 more years. This is who you went to college with and you were married in front of God and your family and everybody.” Still, at the end of the day, “There comes that time where you’re looking at the rest of your life and going, ‘How do you want to live it? However, life as a touring artist and his feelings for Yearwood took their toll on the marriage between Mahl and Brooks.

In 2000 Brooks announced his “retirement” from country music and cited raising his daughters as the reason for the decision. It would prove difficult to be Garth Brooks First Wife with a life on the road touring and a rise to country music stardom.

Country music songstress Miranda Lambert was swept off her feet by one of the NYPD’s very own and secretly married the handsome officer in January!

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In 1991 she hit it big with the hit song “She’s in Love with the Boy” and was the first female country music singer to sell 1 million copies of her debut album.

After many years of friendship, Brooks proposed to Yearwood on stage at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace before 7,000 cheering fans in 2005.A mother dog and her pups were dumped at Sandy’s gate and taken to Wild Heart Ranch for help.Sandy later called to check on them and found out they went to a wildlife rescue.“I never knew that every day you could feel like this.” Today, Brooks and Yearwood are happier than ever as they tour together with record-breaking ticket sales.Watch them discuss and celebrate their “duets album” together in the video below!In addition, music became a huge part of her early life as she used to sing in musicals, choir groups and talent shows since her time in elementary school. Additionally, the details regarding her ethnic background are unknown at present.

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