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Donovan And also, he’ll return as Larry at some point in the season. And Gabrielle, I was wondering about you and Madeline, your relationship with each other, and obviously she and Michael are a tribe of two, but I think it’s growing bigger. There’s so much that’s not spoken out loud, and yet there are so many physical undertones and it’s very apparent, and that’s thanks to Sharon. I was wondering who would be your dream guest stars you’d like to see appear on the show? And Gabrielle, I love the unspoken communication, you guys say more in glances and looks than what’s delivered on the script, and that’s another wonderful thing about this series. And you’re right, there’s so little spoken about what’s really being felt and really being witnessed with that connection to Michael, which I think is pretty accurate to real life, especially with the in-law figures.

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So for both of you guys I guess, what do you think the life that Fiona seeks would look like or could look like, obviously it’s not going to be Suburbia and the 2.5 children and the dog and the cat, so what could it look like? Anwar I don’t know to be perfectly honest whether she does want to settle down. And if something gets too physical, then the stunt men come in and take over. Obviously I’m not Steve, I’m Stevie, and the question I had for you is, Jeffrey, you spend a lot of time, because you’re the main character, you are very physical in this role, and you obviously spend so much time on set, what do you do for fun in what little off time you have? And sometimes I’m by myself and sometimes I just kind of walk onto a twosome or a threesome and join them, and most people just kind of leave me alone, and that’s my quiet time.

We know Fiona wants Michael to settle down, Fiona wants the life, and at this point, we’re not sure Fiona’s going to get the life. And it’s a great relationship, because I will say what would really happen here is this, and then he comes in and makes it safe for the guest stars. Luckily down in Florida, there’s a lot of golf courses, and I just put a golf hat on and take my sticks out and I usually walk a course. Donovan I’m good, I’m a single digit, I’m down to a seven.

I met with the writers last week and we kind of broke down the next eight or nine episode ark.

Maybe management checks in saying, “Michael, do you want to come back,” or are we going to see that at all, maybe in season four? Donovan Yes, season four is actually pretty remarkable. There’s going to be a new management that controls Michael’s life, and you’ll see Michael have to go on even more dangerous missions under this new management with the new operative. What would each of your tags be under your names, not for Michael and Fiona, but for Jeffrey and Gabrielle?

Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of April Mac Intyre with , please go ahead. Mac Intyre Okay, I’m going to compose myself from that last question. So I’m loving the series and the more I watch your series, Jeffrey, it reminds me of this old series from the 60s called . There’s a very, the combination of real drama and camp and humor and lightness. Mac Intyre And of course, Jeffrey, you’re Patrick Macnee for me, I feel the more I watch it, the more I’m reminded of that series as far as the pacing, the energy, the breaks of comedy into the drama. He’s a terrific character and Tim’s such a wonderful man and an extraordinary actor.

and that gives my character great ammunition to kind of fight with. I mean, her performance is so beautifully nuanced and I find it terribly inspiring. Moderator We’ll open up the line of Alix Denver with .

My question was, one of the things that I really love about the show is the different kind of characters and personas that you both take on to figure out to help your clients and everything. It’s because it’s the character that Fiona had fallen in love with, so it’s very dear to my heart. Ninety-five percent of it you can find on the Internet anyway, but everything that is put into a script has been researched and vetted, so that when we speak it or we do it, we know it’s actual.

It’s pretty remarkable, especially he’s got such a heavy workload and yet he still can create these fabulous side characters. I don’t have that in my repertoire, so I’m glad it’s all on his shoulders. Those little tiny quirks make it so much more interesting than if it were just what was on the page I think. Donovan Some people call those crutches, those are crutches. But my favorite character of all has to be Michael Mc Bride, the Irish character that I played. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Sarah Fulghum with . Is it just like here’s your script and have at it or is there more training and research involved in your roles? Donovan We have an ex-operative that actually is a consultant on our show that Matt Nix and the other writers have access to, so everything that is put into the show gets vetted through him before we air it. And to both of you, what has been your most memorable experience with meeting the fans of the show?

Fernandez And my follow-up question as we know is a Fiona-related question. So what I try to do in every episode is the stunt coordinator makes it safe, but most of the time I choreograph it. Okay, Gabrielle, you have a complicated life too, you’ve got kids and you live out in LA, how do you juggle all this and then find time for yourself? Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Cameron Cubison with , please go ahead. Are there any challenges you’re facing now that maybe you didn’t have in the beginning of the show?

And I know much of what we see you do is most likely complements of the stunt coordinator, but I’ve also heard that you have martial arts training yourself, can you fill me in on that? I have eight years in Jujitsu and Akito, and about three years of boxing. There really is no time, I’m a mom, and mom’s don’t have days off. I was curious now having three seasons under your belt, is it getting easier or harder to keep playing these characters and stay invested in them?

And so I was kind of wondering now that we’re seeing how Michael is and how the group is without the big overall mystery of who burnt Michael Westen, and who’s doing this, is there going to be a return of management anytime soon? And then there is actually going to be a change of management. Moderator Next, we’ll go to the line of Laura Tucker with is the tags that they put on the freeze screens of like the newer temporary characters such as Gilroy Freelance Psychopath or Damon …

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