Funny questions to ask when speed dating Sxe japan video chat

And then it’s just a matter of remembering your ABC’s A = Ask the W Questions: What, Where and How What’s been the highlight of your week so far? I’m going to a massive Halloween bash next weekend – what’s your plans? C = Concentrate: Make every effort to put your flirt-mate under the spotlight The message should be – ‘it’s all about you!

It shouldn’t come across like a Spanish Inquisition! Rather than being on autopilot and fast-forwarding to what you will say next, make an effort to really stop and listen. Right now the challenge is to unearth the essence of the person.

Let the conversation follow its natural course and once your flirt-mate’s said their piece – take the time to respond thoughtfully. Keep up great eye-contact and lots of responsive looks and nods.

Don't forget that the non-verbal communication plays maybe even a bigger role in choosing next potential date than the verbal one.

Sometimes it does not matter much how silly topic you will discuss, but it is important to start off with a smile.

However, don't try to analyze the answers too intensely.

Just make a mental note whether the conversation had flown freely and you had fun with the person and leave the rest for later.Avoid questions that generate yes/no answers; those will not spark much of a conversation.Think of what you yourself are interested in and what interests you in others.Common rule is also to avoid talks about controversial topics like politics or religion.There is just not enough time on speed dating to have a debate about such topics and you do't want to spoil something right from the start.Last week we looked at how to make a good impression at a speed dating event, this week we look at-‘what to say! Kick-start things with the fun questions – keep a stash of ‘What’s your favourite…? Start with the social stuff: drinking places, holiday spots, and things to do on the weekend.

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