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After her friend left, she remained in the living room with her dad.

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And I was astonished because she hid a whole ass buttplug in her asshole that I didn’t know about. I was just ready to throw her down on that big bed of hers and to fuck her like never before, which is precisely what I did.

Of course, only after I received a phenomenal blowjob from her. Her thick lips were moving up and down on my large, veiny cock.

But the best part came after that when I rip the butt flap of her pajamas open.

She pushed her amazing ass out towards me and I slid my cock inside of her juicy tight cunt.

What she didn’t know is that those pajamas had a unique zipper that uncovers her whole ass if you touch it.

When she found out, though, she wasn’t as surprised as I was.

Luscious and beautiful brunette babe was at her friend’s place, helping her before her blind date.

She promised to stay around and wait to hear all the juicy details, but I think we all know who she was really hanging around for…

She looked at me and begged me to keep fucking her ass.

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